Setting requirements

Here, you can get help to prepare your Code of Conduct.

Prepare your Code of Conduct

Your Code of Conduct should describe the CSR principles that the suppliers' processes are expected to comply with, as well as the requirements of the suppliers' processes.

On this page, you can generate a Code of Conduct. It automatically includes a cover letter, an introductory text, a section on process requirements, a section on CSR principles and a final text on implementation.

The two central sections of your Code of Conduct are therefore:

1. Process requirements:

This section describes the requirements of the suppliers' policies, due diligence systems and assurance of access to remedy. These three elements are at the core of companies' work to live up to the international expectations of the UN and the OECD. The process requirements are the key to enabling your suppliers to respect the CSR principles, i.e. human rights and labour rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption.

Here you can see the process requirements included in your Code of Conduct:

2. CSR principles:

All internationally recognised CSR principles are stated here. For example, your Code of Conduct includes a list of all human rights, since today all companies are expected to manage their impact on all of these rights. It is also important to ensure that your Code of Conduct functions as comprehensive risk management. You should therefore not in advance rule out individual principles or rights that your suppliers may later prove to impact adversely. The principles originate from a number of international conventions and declarations that also support the UN Global Compact - the world's largest CSR initiative. 

Here, you can see the CSR principles included in your Code of Conduct:

You can download the Code of Conduct here and you can also download:

The automatically generated Code of Conduct is fully comprehensive and in line with international guidelines in this area. In other words, it can be used immediately. However, some companies may need to specify selected topics, so that before you generate your Code of Conduct, you should consider whether you also need an annex with selected topics. 


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