Self-assessment by suppliers

The first stage of assessment of the selected suppliers is to send a self-assessment questionnaire.

Use a self-assessment questionnaire

The self-assessment questionnaire enables suppliers to react to the requirements you make of them in your Code of Conduct.

In phase 2, you can generate a self-assessment questionnaire together with your Code of Conduct.

In the self-assessment questionnaire, suppliers can state, point by point, whether they live up to your Code of Conduct. The form has questions concerning the suppliers' CSR policies and CSR processes. There are also questions concerning current and potential adverse impacts on people and the environment, as well as cases of corruption. If you have opted to include special requirements in an annex to your Code of Conduct, these will also be included in the self-assessment questionnaire.

You can also choose to replace or supplement the self-assessment questionnaire with a questionnaire with open-ended questions in which you ask your suppliers to describe how they work with the different areas.

The most important aspect is that there is agreement between your Code of Conduct and the self-assessment questionnaire – and that the questions are in line with the UN and OECD’s expectations of both your own and your suppliers' CSR programmes.

supplier assessment

Send out the letter and self-assessment questionnaire

You should explain to suppliers why you are sending out this self-assessment questionnaire and how you expect them to complete and return the form.

It is important to establish a good dialogue with your suppliers on the purpose of the self-assessment questionnaire and the subsequent process. Suppliers should experience the self-assessment as an element of long-term cooperation. It should also be made clear that it is not a success criterion in itself for suppliers to answer yes to all questions on the self-assessment questionnaire. This will increase the likelihood of the self-assessment being as honest as possible.

You should include a cover letter explaining why you are sending this self-assessment questionnaire, how it should be understood, when you expect to receive the completed form, and the significance of their responses. The first page of the self-assessment questionnaire is a template for a cover letter that you can adjust to include details that are particularly relevant for your suppliers.

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