Risk investigation

Here, you can get the help to identify high-risk areas which can support you in targeting your dialogue with selected suppliers. 

Investigate relevant country risks

Knowledge of the typical CSR challenges in a supplier's home country will help you to focus on probable problematic areas.

Your suppliers' home countries face various challenges in relation to human rights, the environment and anti-corruption. It is an advantage to be familiar with these country risks when you initiate dialogue with your suppliers, so that you stay focused on the areas that present the greatest challenges.

Investigate relevant sector risks

Knowledge of the typical CSR challenges in a supplier's sector can indicate which areas your dialogue should be focused on.

As yet, there is no single authoritative source that makes analyses of sector risks systematically available. You can ask your own trade organisation and other trade organisations relevant to your suppliers whether they can identify specific sector risks. Anyone familiar with the sector will often know which high-risk areas are relevant in their particular sector.

You can also examine whether there are already existing sector initiatives to designate the key CSR issues in your supply chain. Read more under Find your sector.

Finally, Danish and local NGOs can often help you to designate areas for particular focus.

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