Food industry

General industry initiatives

The Sustainable Agriculture Initiative was founded by the food industry with the objective of communicating and actively supporting the development of sustainable agriculture. SAI’s work involves various stakeholders in the food production chain.
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DI Fødevarer (the Danish Food and Drink Federation) is the Confederation of Danish Industry's organisation for Danish food producing companies. Under the auspices of the Danish Food and Drink Federation, the industry has jointly drawn up ten principles for good food practices. Using the Food Compass tool, the industry can target its work on good food practices and CSR.
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The European Food Sustainable Consumption and Production Round Table is a public-private initiative whose vision is to promote research-based, cohesive access to sustainable food consumption and production throughout Europe, while simultaneously implementing environmental perspectives at all stages of the food chain.
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Fairtrade International (FO) is a labelling system that seeks to improve the living conditions of some of the world’s poorest farmers and workers by, among other things, assuring them a fair price for their goods and setting guidelines for working conditions and environmental protection measures.
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Specific sector initiatives

The World Cocoa Foundation promotes sustainable production and economic sustainability through assistance for cacao growing. The organisation focuses on environmental sustainability and on developing effective production techniques. It also serves as a debate forum for the needs of the cacao growing sector.
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Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil is a global, multi-stakeholder initiative that seeks to promote growth and the use of sustainable palm oil products through supply chain cooperation and open dialogue between stakeholders.
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Ethical Tea Partnership is an alliance of tea packing companies that cooperate to improve the sustainability of the tea industry, and to improve the living conditions of tea workers.
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UTZ Certified works to secure an open and transparent market for agricultural products. The organisation offers certification programmes for coffee, tea and cacao and also manages traceability systems for RSPO-certified palm oil.
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