Consider an annex with selected requirements

You can generate an annex with selected topics for special focus in relation to suppliers.

The automatically generated Code of Conduct is fully comprehensive - even without an annex. The annex will therefore by no means be relevant for everyone, but may be necessary if required by special conditions in your company. For example, there may be customer requirements of zero tolerance, certification requirements or industry standards that you are committed to observing.

You can structure the annex according to the three main topics in the left menu.

Under the individual requirements in the three main topics there are three tabs. Under the "Requirements" tab you will find a brief introduction to the topic, as well as a box with a text that specifies the requirements made of the supplier. If you click on "Save to clipboard", this text will be transferred to the annex. The selected topics are shown in the box on the right. When you have saved all of the selected topics to the clipboard, click on "Save your Code of Conduct" and your Code of Conduct, including the annex, will be generated automatically. 

Topics are presented in greater detail under the "Learn more" tab, while under the "Links" tab there are links to websites with further information. 

If you generate a self-assessment questionnaire and a check list, they will also include the topics you have added to your annex.

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